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Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Political Paradoxical Complexity

On March 03, 2006 I wrote an article on this blog called QUICK SAND and on March 07, 2006 I wrote an article on this blog called Reorganization of New Jersey.

It is my understanding the State is trying to alleviate the problems that it is having financially implementing more taxes and according to an article in The Star Ledger today may be" Turning free highways into fee highways." if we keep going the way we are going New Jersey will be the most socialistic state in the country.

Our Governor, John Corzine, to my knowlege, was elected because of his experience as a businessman. In that case what do most businesses do when they are having financial problems -they DOWN SIZE.

I have suggested that the State could save a considerable amount of money and lower property taxes if it would just merge some of the towns in the State. I have discussed this with people of all financial classes and it appears that there is prejudice and bigotry and numerous emotional and unjustifiable reasons that would possibly inhibit the merger of some towns even if it saves money for the State.

A few examples of what can be done and I know I am going to aggravate some people by saying this is: to merge Orange,East Orange,West Orange and South Orange into one and call it The City Orange; merge Chatham Boro and Chatham Township and call it Chatham Township; merge Mendham Boro and Mendham Township and call it Mendham Township; merge Chester Boro and Chester Township and call it Chester Township. By doing the aforementioned we are disolving the administrtive costs of three Oranges, one Chatham, one Mendham, one Chester thereby having no need of a mayor, police chief and upper echelon staff, fire chief and upper echelon staff, director of board of education and upper echelon staff, and even some other departments that may be able to be handled by the County Government. This procedure can be done all over the State.

It is my understanding that the State could save at least one billion dollars per year if it will only DOWN SIZE.

In my process of doing business everyday I am involved with people personally throughout most of Northern and Central New Jersey. The feeling on the part of some people is that maybe what the State needs is something similar to the Boston Tea Party to wake it up. I hope our Legislators and the Governors Administration can alleviate the States financial problems by DOWN SIZING instead of increasing taxes and putting tolls on Route 78, 80, and the Pulaski Highway thereby inhibiting some citizens from doing foolish things.

March 24, 2007: This is a comment to a reaction I have received from this article from a close friend. My friend has stated that some people, especially those without to much intelligence, are going to think I am calling for the the people of the state to perform Civil Disobedience. I AM NOT. There have been comments in my travels around the state of disgust and some people are becoming frustrated.