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Born and raised in Northern New Jersey and licensed to practice Chiropractic since 1968 (48 years) in Florida and New Jersey, Go to,, Experienced: as an advocate in family law for over 12 years being involved with about 8,000 people by phone, in writing or personally and also as a member of the State of New Jersey Commission on Child Support from 1984-1986; with land surveying for 10 years; with the limosine business for 21 years; and with the promotions,conventions and conference planning business for over 40 year; and as a producer in the theater in the later part of the 1970's. At the present time in the process of writing books :(1) about the legal system;(2) about the fathers' rights movement; (3) about the limousine business; (4) my insights; (5) Chiropractic (6)survival comple . Litigated with lawyers and Pro Se. Over the past 40 years litigated Pro Se in the State and Federal Courts many times on numerous issues. The only place not argued Pro Se is the United States Supreme Court.

Sunday, September 28, 2008

The Trails End

For the past four years I have been having a serious problem with the internet ( identity theft and misuse of my name and breaking into my emails) I have been keeping a log and monitoring the internet on an every other day basis and keeping records. The paperwork is more than half as high as I am tall.

It is my understanding that the authorities know who some of the individuals and entities are, but, I must say, so do I, as I have emailed many of them to Cease And Desist. It behooves me why the authorities haven't done anything to date which is very frustating. There comes a time when it is necessary to precipitate an action on the part of the authorities by bringing forth legal proceedings on your own, no matter who the individual, individuals, or entity may be.