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Saturday, September 10, 2005


I would like to start this disertation off by asking that whoever reads this blog find the compassion to say a prayer or give assistance to the people of the Gulf coast that sustained injury or damage from Katrina.

For the past couple of months my life has been set back a little farther but nothing compared to what Katrina has done to so many people.

I have been knocked on my ass for the eighth time in my 65 years, but it brings to mind a comment a friend of mine made some 28 years ago, Dr. Ralph Perrone said to me that he " has never seen anybody that has been knocked on his ass as hard and as many times as I have and has come back swinging twice as hard and has done better each time".

I have been doing a considerable amount of thinking since the bizarre situations that occurred with my ex-finacee and her brother during the week of August 8, 2005.

Last week-end I took a ride upstate New York to my sister Angela's place in Greenville , New York. On my way up there, about 8 miles from her house, something just told me to make a right turn, so I did. I ended up on the Hudson River at Catskill Point and stood by the river for a while all by myself when this tall gentleman walked in my direction. We started talking, he was Irish, my deceased wife was Irish, his wife is Sicilian and I am Sicilian. We immediately had a bond. He is a retired attorney in New York. I started telling him about my deceased wife Mimi's Wrongful Death Case and what happed and where I am at present and what I plan to do next. He said they are going to try an stall me as long as they can but that I should not stop fighting for her, but he further said that I should not burry her twice. He asked me how old I was. When I told him I was 65 he said I will not see any results probably until I am 73. I have had an insurance claims adjuster and other reputable people tell me that the defendants are hoping I give up or die.

I hear echos of my father as my Dad always use to say that "If in your heart you believe you are right, fight".

I have always felt and my Dad always pointed out to me that PRINCIPLE and RESPECT are everything in life. My dad always use to say " I do not care if people like me or not, what is important is that they respect me".

Well, I plan on moving forward with my plans personally and professionally in Florida and New Jersey but I will proceed with Mimi's Wrongfull Death Case, and a few other cases which will be filed before the end of this year. The planning and strategic management of performing my professional duties, writing my books, teaching my risk management seminars, and litigating against approximately 20 different law firms is going to be ,indeed, challenging.

The first axiom of law is to "wear the dirty bastards down". Well, the five law firms that I am litigating against for Mimi, are doing a good job and they have the money. But, I remember a comment that was made to me by an investor , Anthony, last year. Anthony said that" your wife was watching over you when she was alive and she is watching over you while she is dead."

I have been litigating for years and have sat down with and deposed, testified for and against,lawyers, police officers, judges and doctors and my POLICY is NO COMPROMISE, NO PRISONERS, NO SURRENDER. My OBJECTIVE is ACCOUNTABILITY, PUNISHMENT, REASONABLENESS.

I am in the process of setting up two other blogs. When they a complete as I want them I will
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