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Born and raised in Northern New Jersey and licensed to practice Chiropractic since 1968 (48 years) in Florida and New Jersey, Go to,, Experienced: as an advocate in family law for over 12 years being involved with about 8,000 people by phone, in writing or personally and also as a member of the State of New Jersey Commission on Child Support from 1984-1986; with land surveying for 10 years; with the limosine business for 21 years; and with the promotions,conventions and conference planning business for over 40 year; and as a producer in the theater in the later part of the 1970's. At the present time in the process of writing books :(1) about the legal system;(2) about the fathers' rights movement; (3) about the limousine business; (4) my insights; (5) Chiropractic (6)survival comple . Litigated with lawyers and Pro Se. Over the past 40 years litigated Pro Se in the State and Federal Courts many times on numerous issues. The only place not argued Pro Se is the United States Supreme Court.

Thursday, December 16, 2004

Last Place For Justice- If At All

From 1976-1984 I litigated a divorce case with three different lawyers and didn't receive any satisfaction until I started representing myself. As a result I had two Judges removed from the bench.

In 1979 I sued the State of New Jersey in Federal Court, pro se, (Barbier vs. Governor of New Jersey.,et al), that the laws pertaining to custody to fathers in New Jersey were unconstitutional on their face and as they are applied. In December of that year the file disappeared in Federal Court in Newark. After I notified the Attorney General of the United States, Benjamin Civiletti, a Federal Judge in Newark, New Jersey issued an order to copy the file from my file immediately. I had to cease and desist what I was doing immediately ( taking care of patients) and bring my file to the Federal Court for a clerk to copy. This case was dismissed for what I believe were erroneous reasons. I took the case to the United states Court of Appeals for the Third Circuit and they affirmed the lower courts decision. I was running out of money.

At the same time I was litigating a legal malpractice case against an attorney who committed malfeasance in my divorce case with my first wife. I litigated this case pro se also. I sued for 3 million dollars in the Morris County Court in New Jersey. I won the case on the legal merrits after three days of testimony in court but the judge did not award me any money. The legal merrits in this case are implicit and verify the fact that since the Federal Court Judge based his decision on a judgement in the State Courts that was flawed, therefore the decision in Barbier vs. Governor of New Jersey, et al, is erroneous in my opinion.

Presently I am litigating a Wrongful Death Case, pro se, in New Jersey and because of my financial situation I have been finding it difficult to get the justice for my deceased wife that I believe she deserves. Because I do not have the money to pay expert witnesses and I am litigating pro se, some experts are affraid they will be black listed if they testify for me.

The Courts have become a business. It is not JUSTICE anymore, it is business. I have had numerous comments made to me by people working within the legal system, over the course ot the past 34 years, that indicate "judges do not really care about you or your problem,they have a quota to fulfill" and "lawyers are like used car salesman, they forget you when they are done with you." The Constitution is being BREACHED. My experience with the legal system in our country is that JUSTICE is seldom attainable and the Courts are the LAST PLACE FOR JUSTICE, IF AT ALL.