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Friday, October 10, 2008

Banging His Shoe And Forwarning

Forty Years ago, 1968, Nikita Khrushchev was in the United Nations and was pounding his shoe on his desk and stated that he wasn't going to destroy us but that we were going to destroy ourselves from within, alluding to the fact that communism would take over. He was banging a shoe on the desk with a spare shoe being held by an assistant in a briefcase and he had both of his shoes on his feet. He was trying to give the image of a visceral opponent.

With the world stock markets collapsing whereby our government has to bail out some of our biggest companies in the United States could he possibly have been correct.

I have had this discussion a few times in the past with close friends and relatives. One relative has stated that in order for communism to succeed it first has to go through capitalism then it becomes perfected communism. I hope he is wrong. But, with the financial problems we are having now and the government taking over AIG and other large companies and the fact that we have, as I have said in a previous article of mine, the IRS, Homeland Security and Eminent Domain, could Khrushchev and my relative be correct, God I hope not.

Tonight I had a discussion with an investment banker in reference to the situation the United States is in at present. He stated that Korea and Japan went through similar situations in the past but the government did not get involved as ours is now, which could prolong the problem for at least seven years with a long plateau. We both agreed and he further said that others in his office also agree that the only thing that might bring us out of this dilemma would be a WAR. I further commented this would be a reason to reactivate the draft after the election which would presumably also include females.