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Saturday, February 02, 2008

THE SOLUTION OF THE ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION PROBLEM (Historically, Politically, Socially, Economically And Criminally). This will be posted on April 1st

The present immigration problem in the United States and many other countries in Europe and around the world is similar to a family that has many children of different categories. One child is a natural born child of the two parents. Two children are stepchildren, one from each parent from previous marriages. One child is adopted. And, one child is a foster child.

It is a situation that is very delicate and must be handled with extreme carefulness. In a family structure such as this each child must be given equal attention and responsibility in order to not cause problems.

The natural born child of the two parents is similar to someone being born in this country and being a natural born American Citizen.

The two stepchildren, one from each parent could be similar to a situation whereby there are many people of different nationalities, religions and sub-divisions of the human race that are marrying or having long term relations with each other of which have been born in this country naturally.

The adopted child is similar to a situation where someone has come from another country and has gone through the proper legal procedures and has become a citizen of The United States of America.

The foster child is similar to the illegal immigrants that have been coming into the United States through Mexico, Canada and by way of the seas. They are here, they are part of the family and they have to obey the Rules of The House or they have to leave. This situation has to be be resolved legally, effectively and compassionately.

As in most families with proper communication and dialog most situations dissipate over time. I firmly believe that by the end of this generation and within the framework of the next generation most of the problems of this family, that we are having today, will not even be considered.

In the past I have written articles: PREJUDICE IN AMERICA (What To Do About It.), January 29, 2006; TROJAN HORSE, April 03, 2006; LANGUAGE-THE WAY IT IS TODAY, December 26, 2006; DEJAVU THE SPANISH ARMADA, December 31, 2006; A NATIONAL LANGUAGE (Do we have one or not? We sure do!!!), February, 02, 2008; Samuel Houston and Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna, February 2, 2008; February 2, 1848 to february 2, 2008 The treaty of Quadalupe Hidalgo, February 2, 2008. In the process of writing these articles and presently being involved with a Latin American Organization and seeing, meeting, talking, knowing and examining many of these different members of the hispanic community and their desire and acceptance of this country I cannot but hope and feel that within the next 25 -50 years the present problems that we are having in the United States and the present problems that they are having in Europe and other countries around the world, through proper communication and dialog, it all, will dissipate over time.


Samuel Houston And Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna And The Long Term Effects Of Their Encounter-Relationship. This will be posted on April 15, 2008

Because of the complexities involved in this encounter and the affects before and and after this article will be posted on April 15, 2008 instead of March 15, 2008 as priously stated.

Samuel Houston
Antonio de Padua Maria Severino Lopez de Santa Anna y Perez de Lebron

February 2, 1848 to February 2, 2008, THE TREATY OF QUADALUPE HIDALGO, THEN AND TODAY. This will be posted March 8, 2008

Nicholas P. Trist on behalf of the United States, appointed by President James J. Polk.
Don Luis Gonzales Guevas, Don Bernardo Couto and Don Miguel Atristain as plenipoteniary representatives of Mexico.

NEGOTIATED AT: The Villa de Guadalupe Hidalgo (today Gustavo A. Madero, D.F.)

On March 10, 1848 The United States Ratified The Treaty deleting Article X with Amendments.
On May 19, 1848 The Mexican Government Ratified The Treaty.
On May 30, 1848 the countries ratifications were duly exchanged at the city of Santiago de Queretaro.
On July 4, 1848 the United States Proclaimed The Treaty.
As a result of The Treaty, the United States gained Colorado, Arizona, New Mexico, Wyoming, California, Nevada and Utah. The remained of Arizona and New Mexico were obtained in the Gadsten Purchase of 1853.

The Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo ended the Mexican-American War which was from 1846-1848. Mexico ceded 525,000 square miles of land to the United States in exchange for 15 million in Mexican currency paid in five installments at six percent interest. And, the United States agreed to assume the 3.25 million in debts Mexico owed the American citizens.

Article X, which was deleted by the United States, stated that the United States government would honor and guarantee land grants awarded in the lands conquered by the United States to citizens of Spain and Mexico and Native Americans.

Article VIII guaranteed that Mexicans who stayed in the conquered lands more than one year would automatically become American citizens or they could declare if they wanted to be Mexican citizens. This Article VIII was further weakened by Article IX which was written into The Treaty by the United States Senate and stated that Mexican citizens would be admitted at a proper time which would be judged of by the Congress of The United States.

I personally believe Article VIII, Article IX and Article X are the keys to the immigration problem we are having with Mexico today.

Article X was deleted because the United States Constitution would have guaranteed Mexican and Native Americans living in the respective areas to keep their lands and that is why this article was deleted.

The latent effect of this Treaty has been happening in the United States for over the past 50 years whereby Mexicans are coming across the border to seek work and better their lives. It is very interesting that it is the poor and not to well off that are leaving Mexico and leaving the very rich and middle class to enjoy their country and expecting the United States to pay for what it does not want to pay for in hospitalizations, pregnancies, welfare and other support services.

If the latent effect of coming across the border to claim lands that were duly conquered and negotiated 160 years ago, six generations ago, is indeed a possibility it is comparable to some exiled Cubans thinking of trying to get their property back, after two generations, even after Castro's regime is finished. The legal presidence in both situations are different but the end result may be the same.

The fact that some parts of Texas were flying the Mexican flag above the United States flag does not surprise me anymore because of the latent effect of what has happened, but, it is not right and should be corrected as long as they live in the United States and no flag should fly higher than the United States flag in the United States.



A NATIONAL LANGUAGE (Do we have one or not?) We sure do!!!) Article to be posted March 1, 2008

When this country, The United States of America began its legal, financial, military, and governmental structure between the years of 1774 and 1789 there were many meetings of the Continental Congress and especially the Constitutional Convention which met in 1787.

In 1987 I had to meet three Dutch executives in New York on business. During our conversations English came up as a topic as the language of the United States. The chairman of this company related something to me that I never new or was taught in school. He stated at the time the United States was beginning to form politically, financially, militarily and governmentally the population of the country was fairly divided between English speaking and Dutch speaking people and also a few others. He stated which I did not know, that when they voted at the Constitional Convention in 1787, what the language of the United States of America should be, English won over Dutch by only one vote. He joked and said if there were a couple of more Dutch delegates I would probably be speaking Dutch now. If a Dutch executive knows that our national language is English, it behooves me that our own legislators and people in general do not know the same.