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Wednesday, January 05, 2005


Dedicated to my sister Nina who died of a blood disorder caused by chemotherapy.

He may not be here
To call your name.

His love for you
Was enduring.

You are his Innocent
Compassionate and Cheerful wife.

Through all the pain and sorrow you felt
Your laugh and smile makes me melt.

"Sweetness" was his enduring term
Instead of calling you by you name.

Copyright(c)2004 Joseph Assumption Barbier


The Sharks

On a yaht in the Carribean
A party festive and fine,

A tempest unleashed
With tumultuous seas,

Plummeted into the waves
With no one knowing my about,

Treading, Treading and Treading
A school of SHARKS approached,

Circle, Circle and Circle
Closer, Closer and Closer,

Six, seven or eight there were
and then they went away.

Copyright(c)2004 Joseph Assumption Barbier

This was a Dream

INTERPRETATION: (January 30, 2008) At the time I wrote this poem I was dating a lady from Cuba. The yacht was representative of my home at that time. My relationship was great but I was in the process of losing my home, which happened a few days after I wrote this poem.
The tempest was the litigation for my home and the fact that I had just filed a medical malpractice case (wrongful death case) for my deceased wife in November 2003. At the time I was litigating these situations no one knew what was happening with me especially since I lost my home. The circling of the sharks is the five to eight law firms I was dealing with on a daily basis. The professional I discussed this dream with stated that he believed the lawyers did not want to encounter me or "professional courtesy".



Sitting in the kitchen
Staring at the door,

A hooded person approaches
Stands and does no more,

Unknown was dressed in black
I had no fear of attack,

It sensed my courage and fortitude
And left me to my solitude.

Copyright(c)2004 Joseph Assumption Barbier

This was a Dream

INTERPRETATION: I use to enjoy sitting in my kitchen at the table watching the birds with their beautiful colors and species and the various bird feeders I had on my property. My wife, my two brother-in-laws and my oldest sister had all passed away within as many years. I had been seeing so much death in the family that it was on my mind but Will prevails.


The Bear

In the wilderness far away
Six Moons through Colors and Ice,

Encounter a bear in standing form
Raging and fury in its eyes,

We tangled shortly
With destiny calling,

Six Moons through Flowers and Heat
Till my body came back home.

Copyright(c)2004 Joseph Assumption Barbier

This was a Dream

INTERPRETAION: This demonstrates that I was planning to take an extended trip to a reclusive area , perhaps Huson Bay in Canada or Alaska to get away to think and be clear of stress and trauma. This trip would have been done in the Autumn (Colors) and Winter (Ice).
The bear encounter is my inner self coming out after the Winter and it taking through the Spring (Flowers) and Summer (Heat) for it to be manifested.



Dedicated to my deceased wife Mimi who died of a wrongful death.

The Lost Battalion in WWI,
Had its days.
The 442nd in WWII,
Its motto was "Go for Broke".
The Light Brigade at Balaklava Heights,
Went All the way.
Merrill's Marauders in Burma,
Accomplished much to say.
The Rangers at Anzio,
Still went on through time.
Their sacrifices give mind to me,
To Press on for Thee.
Their loses and mine are accepted,
To Prevail in Time.

Copyright(c)2004 Joseph Assumption Barbier