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Tuesday, October 19, 2010


Throughout my life, as others can say the same, there have been some very near incidents where I have come close to being killed. Thanking the Good Lord that I have not had the close calls as many of the members of the military have had.

At the age of 25 while living in the City of Newark, New Jersey one day driving to Downtown Newark doing about 28 miles per hour, on a Honda 305 motorcycle, when a driver coming from the opposite direction decided to make a quick left turn about 75 feet in front of me, unable to stop, I hit his vehicle head on, holding onto the handle bars, while on the bike, flying over the vehicle about forty feet, without a helmet on, and landed with the bike on my left leg. On the impact with the vehicle my left chin was cut to the bone and the impact further caused atrophy to all the muscles in my left leg and left hip. Thereby needing therapy for a year and a half.

In 1993 while running a practice for a friend of mine in Datona Beach, Florida who had passed away, one week-end I went up to Jacksonville to visit another friend of mine who is a doctor. We were water skying on the river around Jacksonville. It was my first time on water skies. my friend was doing about 40 mph in the boat pulling me behind on water skies. after about 5 minutes my legs were shaky and I fell. Instead of falling backward I hit the water doing 40 mph landing on the front of my body and whipping my head backward with the force from the water. for six months I had serious problems with my neck. I am lucky I did not break it.

About 12 years ago while on an extension ladder leaning up against a branch about 27 feet high on the tree which is probably the oldest tree on Schooley's Mountain Road in Long Valley, New Jersey; Mmy intention was to cut the end of the branch which was hanging low and on the road. As I was sawing the branch and the end of it fell, the inner part of the branch raised up making so that the extension ladder had nothing to lean on, and, I started to fall. Pushing myself away from the ladder as I was falling to the ground and broke my fall by rolling off of my left shoulder onto my back preventing injury.

About four decades ago on October 20th I was assaulted outside of my first office in Lincoln Park, New Jersey, sustaining multiple stab wounds to the chest and abdomen, causing my left lung to collapse on site. The ambulance came and took me to Chilton Memorial Hospital in Pequannock, New Jersey where an efficient, excellent ex army surgeon was in the emergency room and he proceeded to save my life. During this nite I had last rites twice-once in the emergency room and again in the intensive care ward. I am very fortunate that my life was in good hands. As I was under the care of the medical staff and wavering between life and death I felt like I was IN absolute LITE, something I have never witnessed before or since.

There have been a few other minor incidents but none that come to be as close to the aforementioned in approaching or seeing THE LITE.