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Monday, June 26, 2006


This is dedicated to my sister Angela Charlotte Moran, (Cookie, Auntie), who died yesterday June 25, 2006


Auntie and Cookie
Were her names,
She answered vividly
To the same,
Her effervescents
Was so reveiling,
She transformed everyone
To be jollily,
Her humility and giving
Always amazed me,
Her compassion for LIFE
As osmosis to All,
Her LOVE of theater
Was her life intention,
Her love of FAMILY
Was her life's DEVOTION,
She passed through
The corrider of life,
Beckoned by relatives
From the past,
May she and they
Watch over me
Protect and guide me
Till we all meet THEE.

Copyright 2006 Joseph Assumption Barbier



Is your doctor really your doctor, no matter which field of health he or she is in today?
Recently I overheard a conversation between a few pharmaceutical representatives. During the conversation they were taking about the perks to the medical doctors. the only woman among the group stated that she was loosing confidence in the medical profession because according to research about 80% of the medical doctors are unethical and only 20% are ethical. Her comment was based on the fact that the majority of the medical doctors are told what to do by insurance companies and the pharmaceutical industry and cannot really do what they want or know, are limited in what they can do, and are therefore anticipating the offers from the pharmaceutical companies.

Years ago a very good friend of mine and I had a conversation about whether or not I should or should not be a participating physician in their plan or other plans. My friend, Frank, stated that if I participate in their plan or any other plan I will get more patients but they will pay me less money. His advise to me was not to participate.

On a personal basis, during the past five years, three of the women in my family, My oldest sister, my wife and my youngest sister have been hospitalized for extended periods of time. In each case there have been serious BUREACRATIC-MEDICAL-INSURANCE PROBLEMS which in MY OPINION has led to the death of Nina, Mimi, and Angela. Can I bring them back? No! But I intend to bring some BUOYANCY to the BUREACRATIC-MEDICAL-INSURANCE PROBLEMS.

When you choose a doctor, if you go to a doctor because he/she is part of your plan then you can't really say he/she is your doctor since the plan administers how and what the doctor can do. If you go to a doctor because the doctor was referred to you or you like the doctor and you have confidence in him/ her and it doesn't matter if he/she is covered under your insurance or not, then he/she is your doctor. I know there are many healing arts professionals out there that are not going to like what I am saying but I have been there many times before.

Are members of the healing arts losing their indentity and dignity to the insurance companies and pharmaceutical industries? If 80% of them are considered unethical and 20% are considered ethical I can only presume the answer to the question is YES.