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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

A Few Limo Stories

It was the middle of July, Friday, temperature about 85 degrees in 1987 at about 4:00 PM I had to pick up an executive at a company by the The George Washington Bridge. I walked into the reception area and announced to the receptionist who I was there to pick up. She said" that is him over there talking to the CEO".

At 2 minutes to 4:00 PM he proceeded to walk to the entrance. I took his suitcase from him, I opened the doors for him then proceeded to open the back door for him and let him in the vehicle. I popped the trunk, put his suit case in the trunk and proceeded to start the vehicle.

The gentleman was sitting in the right rear and made the comment "I have had a hard day I don't want the radio on, I don't want the air conditioning on, and I don't want to be spoken to."

I had to take this gentleman from by the George Washington Bridge to 20 miles south west of Philadelphia which was a two and a half hour ride with the temperature being 85 degrees.

He did not say one word the whole trip and neither did I. He requested me at least 6 more times.


It was in the year 1987 I had to pick up a very powerful banker in New York and bring him to his residence in New Jersey. As I was driving over to pick him up in lower Manhattan , the traffic on the New Jersey Turnpike Extension was bumper to bumper for almost 10 miles and so were other local routes. I therefore thought that when I pick him up I will suggest to him that we should take the Lincoln Tunnel instead of the Holland Tunnel because of a possible long traffic jam.

As I picked him up I was going to tell him about the traffic, I said "Mr. ____________, Sir, If I may give you some advise.." and he immediately cut me off and said "Who are you to give me advise". I therefore proceeded as I would normally have by taking the Holland Tunnel and we sat in traffic for two and a half hours. After about an hour being stuck in traffic, with the gentleman very upset I said to him "Sir, this is what I wanted to tell you". I received absolutely no reaction from the gentleman.

Story Three
It was in the late 1980's I picked up a very wealthy and powerful investment banker, in a stretch, in New Jersey and had to pick up two other powerful investment bankers and bring them to their office in lower Manhattan.

Each one of these gentlemen to me looked as though they were comparable as far as wealth is concerned. After they were all in the vehicle they spoke for about five minutes then the first gentleman I picked up said "Gentleman would you please be quite I want to read the Wall Street Journal". The other two gentleman who I thought had equal stature just sat in the vehicle and did not say one word to each other until the first gentleman said "OK now we can talk".

To me this was an exhibit of POWER as the other two gentlemen just sat in the vehicle like two children with a dunce cap on them in grade school until they started to talk again.