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Monday, July 17, 2006


A few years ago a very good friend of mine, Doug G__________ told me a story about something that happened to him and he was trying to give me some insights. Doug worked on the Alaskan pipeline when they were building it. He told me he decided to take a vacation and went to Hawaii for about a month and lived in a cave on one of the islands. Living it rough.

He told me that one day he went in the water and the current was strong. As he tried to swim back to shore he noticed the current was bringing him farther out to sea. The harder he tried to swim into shore the farther he became from the shore. He got to a point of exhaustion when he said he heard an inner voice say to him, swim away from the shore and ride a big wave in. He swam away from the shore and caught a huge wave which brought him all the way back to the beach and safety.

He told me he did not know why, when he was exhausted, this inner voice told him to swim out to sea, but it saved his life.

We all have our currents that we a trying to swim through every day of our lives stressing to reach our goals. Perhaps we should more often listen to this inner voice, universal intelligence, cause of the uncaused cause, concience, intellect or common sense and maybe THE WAVE will bring us to our goals with ease.