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Thursday, March 31, 2005

The Schiavo Case and it Effects

Terri Schiavo passed away over an hour and a half ago. I have tried to write this article two other times but it will not print.

I heard Mel Gibson on an interview last night and he seems to agree with me as far as the effects the Schiavo Case is going to have on our society.

From what has happened in this case and from the monitoring of the political and legal systems that is being done by independant organizations throughout this country I believe we have a serious problem in this country with political corruption, abuse of ethics, abuse of power and conspiracy to obstruct justice.

I believe the United States Department of Justice should change its name to the United States Department of Law since justice can only be obtained when Congress, The President and the Courts work in harmony and in the Schiavo case they failed.

I believe there should be an independant (not by the courts) investigation of the Schiavo case, which I also believe there will be many. I believe that many people that have been involved in this case will have their reputations, incomes and personal lives effected, some positively and many negatively.

In conclusion there may have been LAW in the Schiavo case but there was NO JUSTICE.