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Monday, October 27, 2008


The power of the word and pen is mightier than the gun or sword. Did the imbeciles that were apprehended, today,for trying to assassinate a presidential candidate, think they would accomplish a positive result? It would have only caused more problems. It is a good thing they were apprehended as we have enough problems in the USA now. We don't need any screw balls trying to assassinate presidential candidates which would only make our economy and the overall world situation worse.


Gossip or Reality

I have been an independent business person all of my life. I know people of ever branch of homosapiens and almost every religion. I personally come in contact with an average of 300 or more people every day and usually have conversations on a variety of issues, personal, social, political, etc. In the past few days I noticed a lack of trust from SOME of my Jewish friends on the part of Barack Hussein Obama. One very emphatically said to me last night that he wants to see his real birth certificate and if Barack Hussein Obama maintains his belief of negotiating with Iran that Isreal will probably bomb Iran before he takes the oath of office, if he sustains his lead in the polls.

I personally still do not believe the polls and I believe John Mc Cain will win the election for President of the United States.

Joe Biden said Barack Hussein Obama has a spine of steel. So did Stalin, Hitler, Santa Anna, Nero and numerous other leaders. Beware the NARCISSIST.