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Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Three Cents

When the United States Federal Reserve, a private corporation, was started in 1921, the value of the $1.00 (one dollar bill) was $1.00 (one dollar). As time has past with progressive increase in prices or products, wages, homes, services the respective value of the dollar bill ($1.00) has decreased to a point that in comparison to the original value of the one dollar bill ($1.00) it is now approximately THREE CENTS (0.03 of one dollar).

With what is happening in the financial markets around the world at present the value of the one dollar bill ($1.00) will be ($0.00) NOTHING, ZERO in the not to distant future.

IF and WHEN this possibly happens will we keep the same currency and try to re-evaluate it based on the world economic situation at the time or will we use a new currency as per rumors going around with the name of the new money being called the Amero?