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Thursday, March 24, 2005

The Schiavo Case


The LAW it appears is on the side of Michael Schiavo as we can see from what has been going on in the news. My question is did she really say what he said she wanted or is it his wishes since he has been involved with another woman for many years.

If Terry Schiavo did not have any signed papers stating that she did not want to be on life support, than in my opinion, based on the facts that he has had other desires I believe his interests are selfish.

I have been involved in many divorces over the course of the past 29 years as an advocate and I question his motives.

If he has been involved with another woman and has children from this woman, Terry Schiavo's family is willing to take custody of her, it is in his best interest and the Shindler's, that he do so,- unless he has other motives which I believe he has and time will prove so.

MORALLY as long as Terry Schiavo is not on a respirator and only a feeding tube this is a further reason why she should be allowed to live. There have been other cases whereby people have been in similar situations and have managed to rehabilitate with LOVE and COMPASSION and it seems that these two ingredients are present with Terry Schiavo's family and not with Michael Schiavo.

RESPONSIBILITY for Terry Schiavo since Michael Schiavo is involved with another woman for so many years should have been disolved by the courts. There have been numerous cases throughout the country that would presumably back up my view.

OBLIGATION: Michael Schiavo seemed to to have given up his obligation of taking care of Terry Schiavo when he got involved with another woman for an extended period of time. His obligation is to the new woman he has been involved with and the children. Therefore he should not have the legal powers that he has been given.

In summary I believe custody, guardianship or power of attorney of Terry Schiavo should be given to the parents of Terry Schiavo ( the Shindler's).