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Friday, July 01, 2005

Snowball Rolling Down The Hill

The IRS, Homeland Security and Emminent Domain

The IRS I believe was started to help finance WWII and was suppose to be defunct after the war was over but it never happened. For years there have been groups that have been trying to lobby for the demise of the IRS but the System is still functioning. There has been talk of establishing a National Sales Tax in place of the IRS or a Flat Tax but nothing has transpired to date.

Homeland Security is s0mething we need because of the overall problem with global terrorism. Once the problem with the terrorists is completely arrested (resolved) will there still be a need for Homeland Security or will it be kept in existence to further look us over. I believe it will not be desolved either.

During the 1800's as the United States was growing and moving west there was the general feeling in the population and politically that it was our emminent domain to move to the Pacific Ocean no matter who was in our way. Apparently there have been some recent decisions in a few States where big money developers have been able to convince Courts to make people move from their homes against their wishes. These decisions have not all been made in reference to poor or run-down areas. What bothers me is, I see what we did to the Native Americans; I see what the Courts are beginning to do now, and I am concerned what is going to happen in the future. If we do not keep some kind of balance I wonder if George Orwell's depiction of society in 1984 may not be to far off.