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Monday, December 27, 2004

The Disease of Malpractice Reform

The approach to resolving the epidemic malpractice problem in the United States is like giving someone a placebo instead of getting to the cause of the problem. To get to the cause of malpractice suits: (1) there should not be a cap on law suites; (2) if a doctor or other professional is sued three times and either settled or found guilty, that person should automatically lose their license and it should be put on a national information bank.. In baseball you have three strikes and your out and in football you have four tries to make ten yards, if you don't, you have to turn the ball over.

If another person violates your body it is considered assault or assault and battery in most states. Therefore why should a medical professional if that medical professional performed other than what he or she was suppose to perform not be considered for the same.

Some doctors and other professionals are constantly getting sued and good doctors and other professionals are having to suffer the consequences financially because of those that are incompetent.

Putting a cap on law suits with no form of consequences to doctors or other professionals who are constantly sued is ludicrous. Putting a cap on law suits and not controlling or monitoring the law suits of incompetent doctors or other professionals will only keep them following their habit as they will not think too much of it because there will be a ceiling on the amount of money their insurance company will be paying on law suits. By putting a cap on law suits we are not increasing the quality of our healthcare or other professions we are decreasing it because we will only be letting incompetent doctors and other professionals continue to practice.

This is my first posting on this issue . There will be others periodically.