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Monday, February 06, 2006

The Origin of the MAFIA

In 1962 while I was going to Fairleigh Dickinson University, I took a course in Sociology. During that course the professor told us we had to pick a topic and give a presentation to the class. I was amazed then and I am amazed now as to the misconception the majority of people have as to how the Mafia started . The original information I obtained for the report I made in 1962 I found in The Encyclopedia Britanica printed in 1895, Volume 26.

In 1266 Angevin king Charles took control of Sicily with Papal support. In the year 1282 there became contempt on the part of many of the peasants toward the aristocracy and the French.
It is said that the French soldiers were raping and pilferaging the peasants which was causing decent. On Easter Monday 0f 1282 and the beginning of the evening prayer there began a massacre of the French inhabitants on the Island. This became known as the Vesper-Sicilian conflict. The password was chicheda(chik pea). The French had a hard time pronoucing this word properly in the Sicilian dialect of Italian and if they could not they were immediately killed. There became a phrase " Morte Alle Francese Italia Alte", which is translated into English as "Death to all other French in Italy". If you take the first letter of each word in this phrase what you get is the word MAFIA.

This movement started out in the beginning with a cause similar to the French undergroud during the Second World War, but it went astray. The rebellion started to extort and tried to kill the aristocracy. Peter III of Aragon launched a successful invasion, becoming Peter I of Sicily. I am proud to say that one of my mother's ancestors was appointed by Peter I as the Administor of Justice of Sicily.

???????- 1929/Orwell's 1984 in 2007- ???????

The parity between 1929 and what is beginning to happen in the United States at present is strikingly similar. With the fact that companies like General Motors, Ford and Kraft having major layoffs in order to cut costs and servive instead of consentrating on producing better products at a reasonable price is deceiving. These companies and others are closing their plants in this country and plan to move facilities to China and other countries because of lower costs.

About eight years ago a prominent business man commented to me, during the Clinton Administration, that there were plans to build a base in Kentucky for United Nations Troops.
To my knowledge President Clinton was asked this question at a press conference and denied knowing anything about it.

Recently I have been receiving emails to the effect that the Department of Homeland Security has issued secret orders to financial institutions that in case of a national emergency the Department of Homeland Security through its agents will have the right to go into financial intitutions to open personal and business safety deposit boxes and seize all cash,jewelry, gold, silver, anything of value and guns.

Recently the Secretary of the Treasury has commented that he believes the economy will start to decline in March unless something is done to avert it.

My Dad made out a chart about 60 years ago which one of my relatives has at present. In that chart he has the highs and lows of the American Economy from the late 1700's . My nephew, who has the chart claims that the chart has been very accurate, and is showing a very serious
and comparable decline in the economy the later part of 2006 and the beginning of 2007 similar to what happened in 1929.

There are some business people that I know who feel that because of the way the political and economic situation is in this country and the fact that some 60 percent of the assets of this country are foreign owned,we are in trouble.

One businessman I know feels that if there is a serious decline in the economy in this country, comparable to 1929, that there may be an elevated risk of confrontation within our borders.

If our President and Congress cannot correct what may be in the very short future, ECONOMICALLY, will Homeland Security be more concerned with what is going on in our country rather than what threat is coming into the country.