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Monday, November 17, 2008


When you look back over what has transpired in the United States, in reference to the prolonged election for president of this beautiful country it is amazing how everything comes together.

The amount of speeches, few debates, encounters in the press between the candidates has been voluminous. The strident comments have been profound, effervescent and in some cases lasting.

The amount of money collected for this presidential campaign of 2008 is undreamt-of. I believe when it's all added up it will be about 2 billion dollars. It may be a considerable amount of money to spend to have TWO PEOPLE try to prove which one may be the better one to rule a country, but, in retrospect, I think it is magnificent that this amount of money can be spent to have people talk their way to the leadership rather than spending the money on arms as is being performed in other countries of the world. I do believe there should be better controls and monitoring of funds that are donated to a presidential campaign.

We have a President, his name is George W. Bush, he will be President until January 20,2009.
The country has DIRE financial problems at present and he needs the support of everyone to help the country out of the financial dilemma so he can pass the seat of the Presidency on to the President-Elect, Barack Obama, on January 20,2009 with ease, clarity, and a view of growth on the horizon.

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