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Tuesday, July 28, 2009


It was about eleven years ago when I awakened one morning about 3:00AM and I had to pick up a marketing executive in Sussex County New Jersey at 5:00AM and take him to Newark Airport.

Prior to leaving the house I had to take my Hampshire Terrier out to relieve herself. I opened the back door without putting on the light prior to opening the door. As the door opened my dog Brook jolted forward pulling me and started wrestling with another animal that was within a few feet from the back door. Within seconds there was the unpleasant aroma of skunk saturating the area. The odor became so bad that my sense of smell was completely compromised. Brook ended up letting the skunk go and was shaking her head and touching her nose.

I had to put the dog in the basement as my wife did not want me to bring it back in the house.

I left to pick up the executive and parked in his driveway. As he came out of his house he was about 50 feet from the car and he said "what is that smell". I explained to him what happened and we had to drive to Newark Airport with the windows open. This was late Autumn. I dropped him off at the airport and proceeded to do other work.

A few hours later I was back at the limo base to turn in the vehicle and I was asked what happened with the marketing executive. I explained the aforementioned to them and the management of the limo business told me that the marketing executive was not allowed to get on the airplane as his clothes had been saturated with the smell of the skunk (secondary exposure). The limo company had to reimburse the gentleman for his suite and the cost of his airplane ticket.

The vehicle that I used was saturated and was taken out of the fleet for two weeks even after detailing until the smell of skunk completely disappeared.

I had to throw my suit away and bathed myself repeatedly with different compounds until the smell was gone.

Brook, My dog had to also be bathed with numerous compounds but the smell on her was so prominent we had to to leave her outside for a few weeks until the smell dissipated.

The smell also saturated the house and my wife and I had to have all of our clothes taken to the cleaners, the upholstery had to be cleaned by professionals, the furniture cleaned and all the walls cleaned with chemicals by sponges.

Who would think that a simple little encounter between a dog and a skunk could end up causing and costing so much. The lose to the limo company was in excess of $10,000; the expenses for Brook were in excess of $250: the lose of my clothes was about $300; the cost to have the clothes cleaned and the house sanitized was approximately $4,000.

When I tell people was happened they cannot help but laugh especially when I say the nickname that was given to the executive which I prefer not to put in print.

I realize I did not know the skunk was outside the door , but, there is a lesson that can be leaned from this and that is; if you believe something has a potential to stink whether it is something physical (either an animal or plant or human),something economical, something political or something spiritual it is best to back off or the repercussions in cost, emotions and psychologically could be expensive.