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Sunday, May 09, 2010

Police Officer or Peace Officer or Both?

Within the past few days there was an article on the Internet and in the news about a 73 year old grandmother being arrested for slapping her grand-daughter. It is my understanding that DYFS has become extremely tough on people in charge of administering adolescent people. I can understand the need for concern, but it has come to my knowledge that many younger people are taking advantage of this dilemma to hurt the person administering supervision to them whether it is a parent, grand parent, aunt , uncle or someone else that may have been given the authority to TAKE CARE OF THEM.

The 18 year old grand-daughter called the police on her grandmother. Because of the age of the grand-daughter the police officer arrested the grandmother. I personally believe he should have tried to be more diligent and behaved more as a PEACE OFFICER than a police officer in resolving the incident by getting social services involved, which is probably what is going to happen anyway, but, the problem has been compounded.

Some of my best friends are police officers or COPS but most of them consider themselves as PEACE OFFICERS also. Two of my friends years ago, both Caucasian, use to patrol a predominantly black area. When ever there were problems that might have gotten out of hand with people getting hurt or killed they always had a way of communicating with the important people in the neighborhood to quiet the problem down so no one would be arrested or to keep the arrests at a minimum. But, when they had to arrest someone they did and did it well.

Last week I was in a diner by Newark Airport about 12:30 AM. A gentleman was sitting at the counter, dressed like a Dapper Dan but inebriated. As I was eating I saw two police officers come into the diner, go up to this gentleman and tell him that the owner of the establishment in which he was drinking in, was concerned that he had to much to drink ,and that they have his plate number, and, if they catch him behind the wheel they will arrest him. They further advised him to take a cab home and pick his car up some other time. To me I thought this was amazing and the outcome was positive, he took a cab. They were not just police officers they were PEACE OFFICERS.