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Tuesday, December 23, 2008


I do not believe in what I am about to write especially at this religious time of the year for many religions, but it is interesting, and at times I cannot believe how accurate he was -but there is a caveat- HE told me not to tell anyone.

In the late 1970's, late 1977 early 1978 I went to an astrologer- physic. At that time I was going through a divorce with my first wife. This astrologer-physic was physically handicapped and regarded by professionals in Northern New Jersey as being very good and reliable.

He made out an astrological chart for me, which I still have. He told me that I would divorce the lady that I was married too. He said I would meet someone else and I would marry her in the not to distant future. Then he said he thought I already met her. I commented to him that I did not meet anyone that I was interested in. He commented again that he was confident that I had already met her. I did not know what he was talking about at the time but I realized afterwards that I met my second wife in August 1976 after she finished bowling. He further commented that she wasn't going to live to long. Mimi and I married in 1979.

He further said at the time that I was going to become nationally known for something I am going to do.

He commented that I would meet another woman after a few years, we would get married and she would die within a year of the marriage. ( I am not married and after thinking of what he said and watching my wife die I don''t think I could bear seeing another woman pass on). Both my mother and my wife Mimi died in my arms and it is a lot of weight to carry.)

He further commented after the third lady I marry dies my first wife will die.

He further said that when I am seventy or there abouts I will meet a very young woman, I will be financially secure we will marry and we will have three children of our own and I will live to ____.

Like I say REALLY or NOT. I thought it was up to FREE WILL and the GOD of Abraham, Abrahm, Ibraham.