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Thursday, October 09, 2008

I Have Been On Target

Last year a few friends of mine and a couple of relatives were discussing the economy. I stated that the economy was going to start declining in October of 2007 and would continue until February 2009, partially caused by the POLITICS in the United States, and numerous other factors dealing with Wall Street, Corruption, Oil, and the Drug industry both legal and illegal.

My beliefs on these factors come from the fact that my Dad made out a Chart many years ago dealing with the economy and the elections in the United States and also my association with people from every category of life and every possible financial situation.

My Dad's Chart which one of my relatives has at present, predicted that in the latter part of 2007 and into 2008 we were going to have a financial recession or worse , possibly even worse than the Depression of 1929.

I get the Tycoon Report and I echoed my feelings about this in an email last year but it was their impression that I was looking at the economy from a negative viewpoint and one of the writers felt it was time to start investing out of the United States instead of in the United States. NO WONDER WE ARE WE WE ARE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I further believe that it does not matter which candidate trying to be president gets in to be the chief executive of the United States, I believe the economy will bottom out in February 2009, where the Dow Jones will be 6,000 and then will start climbing slowly with a plateau for awhile to a point where it will be positive in 2012. I believe that one of the presidential candidates will do a better job then the other as I have stated in my belief as to who I think will win the election.

If you remember your economics course "What goes up must come down" and " The Law of Supply And Demand", well, here we are.

I further believe that those responsible should be held accountable, "You want to play you have to pay", If we could have a War on Crime, War Against Terrorism, it is now time for a War on Financial Terrorism.