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Monday, November 06, 2006

Vote Your Concience!!!

Tomorrow is election day throughout the United States of America. We as citizens have been bombarded on television, in the newpapers, on the radio, personally from friends and associates and through the internet. There has been so much information bouncing around, I have a feeling it will be bouncing for a long time.

Since I started voting I have always thought as a Moderate Republican and have always voted the same except one time I voted independent.

Today I telephoned a fellow Chiropractor in New Jersey who is regarded by many as being extremely intelligent and is a Very Liberal Democrat. Every time I or anyone else talks to this individual it is difficult to get your views in because he always thinks he knows everything and is right and he thinks he is the smartest person in the world. He says no one knows how to think critically. Because of this attitude of his, that is why no one wants to associate with him on a regular basis and they try to avoid him.

In our conversation (Lecture by him) he literally tore down everything President Bush has and is doing especially the taking away of the right to Habeus Corpus and giving the President the power over each States National Guard. I personally have not been up on what has been going on in the Government within the past couple of months, but if this has passed through Congress appropriately then there must be a reason for it.

We have differences of opinions as to what should be done in IRAC. I heard Heraldo Rivera say the other day, and he has been to IRAC and AFGANISTAN many times, that he believes
we cannot desert the IRAC people and that we should give a time table to stay there even if it is 50 years because if we give up and leave the terrorists will think they have won. The fact that the dictator Hussein has been found to be guilty by his own countrymen in a trial which took nine months, is indeed proof, President George Bush's policy is DEFINITELY working.
So THINK before you vote.

The illegal immigration problem we are having with Mexico and some other Latin American Countries may have to be resolved by the old Operation Wetback which took place during the Eisenhower Administration but giving it a new NAME as the name Operation Wetback is demeaning.

I stand by my President and Support Our Troops.