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Tuesday, February 07, 2006

THE MOLE- Is There One???

How can it be with all the technology, expertise, diplomacy and troops that Osama BinLaden keeps getting away. We have been trying to capture him for years. Many good people have lost their lives in trying to resolve the situation revolving around this man. Can it possibly be that he has a mole in high places that is feeding him information before it happens. Money does strange things to some people and can even alter their principles and values. With the talent, knowledge and presence of our armed forces and inteligents units I am perplexed that this man has not been captured.

THE DRAFT- Is It Coming Back?

Is there a chance that the draft will be coming back? Well, that all depends on the overall situation worldwide politically and economically. With the situation as it is going in Irac and the Middle East, in general, and the fact that recruitment in the armed services is down, and there is a chance that the President will be cuting the reserves, what do you think is going to happen?

We are going to have an election this year, 2006, which is making many of the incumbents nervous. The Draft is one topic they do not want to talk about before this election but I am sure it will be one of their major priorities after the election this coming November.

If there is going to be a serious drop in the economy which I believe is going to happen,( if Congress and the President do not do something to stop it), then, in order to take people off the unemployment lines, the Draft will have to be instituted, to bolter both the economy and the military. If it is reinstituted I believe it will be for both males and females.