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Wednesday, April 29, 2009


I direct this article to the golf enthusiasts. This workable set of exercises will help keep you in shape for the golf season without taking a great deal of your time.

Toning up exercise should be done year round for better health, instead of pre-seasonal in order to get in shape for the golfing season.

Most people as they approach the late thirties begin noticing aches and pains in the lower spine due to the fact that the nutritional aspects and the fluid balance to the discs are curtailed and there is some degree of rotation of the vertebrae in the same area. Therefore, to circumvent these problems, as much as possible, and to cease the wear and tear to these parts of the body. the following exercises should help the muscles and joints to become more mobile.

The first exercise is to simply contract as much as possible the buttocks or gluteal muscles for a count of ten; five to eight for women. This should be done three times consecutively. Since the buttock muscles are the extensors of the lower back complex, think of how this will help the leg action in your golf swing.

By keeping the gluteal muscles in tone, the posture can be improved and the entire body mechanics can be benefited.

This exercise can be done anywhere at anytime - while shaving, watching television, reading a newspaper or sitting in a pool, Another exercise which can be used as an adjunct with the one above is to contract the belly muscles, (suck in the abdomen and lift the chest) making sure to breath normally.

These two exercises when done together are strenuous, so be cautious in application. Do these exercises in conjunction three times for a count of ten each time, women five to eight each time. The total time should be 35 seconds.

Another exercise which may be helpful is the modified sit up. I say modified because people in their late thirties and older, or those with a predisposition to back trouble will have a tendency to re injure or create injury to the low back if done in the usually know way, i.e. lying stiff on back. The modified sit up is done by placing the feet under something firm or having someone hold them down, bringing the buttocks as close to the hells as possible. Place the hands behind the head and pull up into a sitting position then roll back down.

It is important that you do not keep the back straight, but rather curl up and back down. Grade these exercises, starting with three to five and gradually increase the number. To do these daily is excellent, three times a week would be sufficient.