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Born and raised in Northern New Jersey and licensed to practice Chiropractic since 1968 (48 years) in Florida and New Jersey, Go to,, Experienced: as an advocate in family law for over 12 years being involved with about 8,000 people by phone, in writing or personally and also as a member of the State of New Jersey Commission on Child Support from 1984-1986; with land surveying for 10 years; with the limosine business for 21 years; and with the promotions,conventions and conference planning business for over 40 year; and as a producer in the theater in the later part of the 1970's. At the present time in the process of writing books :(1) about the legal system;(2) about the fathers' rights movement; (3) about the limousine business; (4) my insights; (5) Chiropractic (6)survival comple . Litigated with lawyers and Pro Se. Over the past 40 years litigated Pro Se in the State and Federal Courts many times on numerous issues. The only place not argued Pro Se is the United States Supreme Court.

Monday, February 23, 2009

Dr. Joseph A. Barbier (FATHERS' RIGHTS)(DrBarbier)

P.O. Box 717
Long Valley,New Jersey 07853

June 10, 1979 WMTR Radio , Morristown, New Jersey
July 23, 1979 Bea Moss Productions, Channel J, New York Cable TV
Where Singles Meet, Topic; Custody
July 25,1979 WCTC Radio, Franklin Township, New Jersey, Topic; Divorce Reform
February 27,1980 Testified before State of New Jersey, Commission On Sex Discrimination In
The Statutes on behalf of Fathers United For Equal Rights,(N.J.), Inc.
June 22, 1980 WNET-TV Channel 13, Dateline New Jersey, Topic;
Divorce New Jersey Style
June 28, 1980 CBS-TV Editorial Reply, 7:25 P.M. on Deadbeat Daddies
June 29, 1980 CBS-TV Editorial Reply, 8:55 A.M. on Deadbeat Daddies
May 27, 1981 WMTR Radio, John Basserman, Grand Rapids, Michigan
June 11, 1981 Radio Show, Houston, Texas
June 14, 1981 Radio Show, Beaumont, Texas
October, 1981 Telepromtor Cable TV, Ocean City, New Jersey
December 28,1981 Channel 68 TV, Newark, New Jersey
March 4,1982 U.A. Columbia Cable TV, Jersey Journal
May 20,1982 WVNJ Radio, Livingston, New Jersey
June 8, 1982 WNJR Radio, Union, New Jersey
June 9, 1982 WRNJ Radio, Hacketstown, New Jersey (Ted Modell)
June 28, 1982 WJDM Radio, Elizabeth, New Jersey
July 15, 1982 WMTR Radio, Morristown, New Jersey
December 1, 1982 WRNJ Radio, Hacketstown, New Jersey (Ted Modell)
December 27, 1982 WMTR Radio, Morristwn, New Jersey (Barbara McCory)
January 10, 1983 WWDJ Radio, Hackensack, New Jersey (Steve Hollis)
January 18, 1983 WMTR Radio, Morristown, New Jersey
March 29, 1983 New Jersey Senate Judiciary Committee
June 30, 1983 WOR-TV, Straight Talk, Topic;Parental Child Snatching
November 30, 1984 New Jersey Senate Judiciary Committee
May 6, 1985 New Jersey Senate Institutions,Health & Welfare Committee
June, 1985 New Jersey Assembly Judiciary Committee
July 24, 1985 WLSR Radio, Limo, Ohio (Easter Striker)
August 2, 1985 WLSR Radio, Lima, Ohio (Easter Striker)
September, 1985 New Jersey Public Televion (News)
Nov 26 to Dec 4 1985 Editorial Reply on WOR-TV, Channel 9 on
incarceration,child support,visitation and joint custody

Butler, New Jersey Rotary Club
PWP at Ryland Inn, Whitehouse, New Jersey
PWP, Totowa, New Jersey
Pequannock, New Jersey Rotary Club
Womens Club of Philipsburg, New Jersey
PWP Chapter 120, Neils New Yorker, Mt.Lakes, New Jersey
July, 1980 Vineland, New Jersey Chapter of Fathers United
May 26,1981 PWP Chapter 750, Aunt Kates, Stanhope, New Jersey
October, 1982 Ocean County Chapter of Fathers United
January 19, 1983 Sociology Class at Rider College, Lawrenceville, New Jersey
September 27, 1983 Family Services Of Morris County, New Jersey
March 25, 1985 Rotary Club of Chester, New Jersey
April 2, 1985 Rotary Club of Maplewood ,New Jersey
April 4, 1985 Rotary Club of Blairsown, New Jersey
April 9, 1985 Rotary Club of Hampton, New Jersey
April 9, 1985 Rotary Club of Livingston, New Jersey
April 24, 1985 Rotary Club of Parsippany, New Jersey
April 24, 1985 Rotary Club of Mendham, New Jersey
April 29, 1985 Rotary Club of Washington, New Jersey
May 1, 1985 Rotary Club of Newton, New Jersey
May 2, 1985 Rotary Club of Nutley, New Jersey
May 7, 1985 Rotary Club of Boonton, New Jersey
May 14, 1985 Rotary Club of Milburn, New Jersey
May 22, 1985 Rotary Club of Morristown, New Jersey
June 11, 1985 Rotary Club of Caldwell, New Jersey
August 17, 2010 Essex County College, Caldwell, New Jersey

Houston Post
Newark Star Ledger (3)
Christian Science Monitor
Washington Post
Los Angeles Times
Daily Advance
Daily Record (2)
Observer Tribune (2)
Randolph Reporter
Mount Olive Chronicle (2)
New Jersey Herald
Catherine Foster Column**
Lincoln Herald (2)
Susan Dietz Column (Single File) **
Atlantic City Press
Bergen Record (2)
Today (2)
Asbury Park Press (4)
Salt Lake City Tribune
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Elizabeth Daily Journal (2)
The Forum
The Rocky Mountain News
The Womens Newspaper Of Princeton (2)
The Times (Trenton) (2)
The Womens Reporter (2)
The Philadelphia Enquirer
** indicates syndicated

1978 - Participated in drafting of State Assembly Bill A-3366 (A-407) - JOINT CUSTODY

1980 - Participated in drafting of State Assembly Bill A-1471 (A-122) (A-152) -

1981 Participated in drafting of ACCOUNTABILITY OF CHILD SUPPORT for New Jersey
March 1985 Instrumental in having S-2864, a bill on ACCOUNTABILITY OF CHILD SUPPORT, introduced in the New Jersey Senate


November, 1979 Report submitted to Senate Judiciary Committee in reference to a
FORMER Superior Court Judge, John M. Newman, who had to resign for his failure to not incarcerate my first wife who violated court orders 127 times.

Fall, 1980 Complaint submitted to the Administrative Office of the Courts Of New Jersey in reference to a municple court judge, George Imperial, who accepted a case that should have been handled by the Divison of Youth And Family Service. Because of this complaint and other reasons this judge was not appointed as a Superior Court Judge.

September 29, 1981 Report (White Paper) submitted to State Senator Joseph Merlino
and New Jersey Senate Judiciary Committee on Equitable Distribution in New Jersey

June 27, 1984 Report submitted to Assembly Institutions, Health & Welfare Committee
on Joint Custody and being in favor of Assembly bill A-152 and against Senate Bill

1977-1986 Legislative Action Committee of Fathers United for Equal Rights, (N.J.) Inc.

1977-1986 Judicial Action Committee of Fathers United for Equal Rights, (N.J.) Inc

1978-1983 Board of Directors of Fathers United for Equal Rights, (N.J.) Inc.

1978-1983 Registered Agent of Fathers United for Equal rights, (N.J.) Inc.

June 14, 1979 Coordinator of "Support Divorce Reform and Children's Rights in New
Jersey" in Trenton, New Jersey

June 17, 1979 Attended Rally for Fathers Rights in Washington, D.C.

1979-1983 Legislative Chairman of Fathers United for Equal Rights, (N.J.) Inc.

1980-1983 President of Fathers United for Equal Rights, (N.J.) Inc.

June 12,1980 Coordinator of "Fathers Unite" in Trenton, New Jersey

1980 One of the founders of the NATIONAL CONGRESS FOR MEN (NCM)

1980-1981 General Secretary of NATIONAL CONGRESS FOR MEN(NCM)

1980-1981 Ad Hoc Committee for NATIONAL CONGRESS FOR MEN(NCM)

June 12-14, 1981 Coordinated the 1st NCM Convention, Houston ,Texas

1981-1983 Vice-President Membership for NATIONAL CONGRESS FOR MEN (NCM)

1981-1984 Legislative Action Committee of NATIONAL CONGRESS FOR MEN (NCM)

1981-1984 Judicial Action Committee of NATIONAL CONGRESS FOR MEN (NCM)

Sept,1981 Participated and exhibited in First New Jersey Conference on Self Help at
Montclair State College, Montclair, New Jersey

November 14, 1981 Attended NCM Board Meeting in New York City

1981-1983 Regional Director of Essex County for father United for Equal Rights, (N.J.)

1981-1983 Regional Director of Morris, Sussex, Warren Counties for Fathers United
for equal Rights, (N.J.), Inc

June3-5,1982 Attended American Bar Association Conference on Alternative Means of
Dispute Resolutions in Washington, D.C.

June 17, 1982 Coordinator of Protect "Rights of Fathers" in Trenton, New Jersey

August 8-9,1982 Attended 2nd NCM Convention, Detroit, Michigan

1983 President, Passaic County Chapter Fathers United for Equal Rights(N.J.) Inc.

March 26, 1983 Attended NCM Board Meeting in Washington, D.C.

April 18, 1983 Attended NCM Board Meeting in Austin, Texas

June 17-18,1983 Attended Fatherhood Forum in New York City at Bank Street College

August 19-21, 1983 Attended 3rd NCM Convention, Los Angeles, California

November 27, 1984 Appointed by Governor of State of New Jersey, Thomas H. Kean, to
Commission on Child Support

April 12-13, 1985 Attended the National Conference on Child Support Practice sponsored by the
American Bar Association in Alexandria, Virginia

March 1, 1986 Attended The Politics Of Child Custody - The First Women's Speak Out, at
John Jay College of Criminal Justice in New York City

1979-1981 I litigated a case, Pro Se, in United States District Court for The District of New Jersey (Barbier vs. Governor of New Jersey, et als , Federal Supplement Vol 476, page 28-32) that the laws pertaining to custody, 9:2-3 and 9:2-4 are unconstitutional on their face and as they are applied. The case was taken to the United States Court of Appeals for the Third Circuit. I ran out of money. Please read Last Place For Justice-If At All (posted on this blog on December 16, 2004) Knock Knock!!!


P.O. Box 717
Long Valley, New Jersey 07853